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Kinesiology for stress management

Kinesiology is an energy balancing therapy. The practice focusses on energy pathways within the body called Meridians. The practice identifies when external stimuli is causing stress to the body - they may be physical, emotional or biochemical resulting in an energy imbalance in the meridians. The goal of Kinesiology is to release this stress and balance the energy across the meridians.

In our modern world stress and anxiety are so common (sometimes even worn as a badge of honour!). We often find they have been present in our lives for so long that they have become the norm and are barely even recognised. However, beneath this surface level acceptance, our bodies are suffering the impact - we find ourselves in an almost constant state of fight or flight.

Our body can find it hard to reset this ingrained state and can often do with a little help to shift the stress and bring the nervous system back into balance.

Kinesiology is an effective therapy for the treatment of emotional stress whether its manifesting as anxiety, low mood, depression or overwhelm. The practice identifies where in the body stress is causing blocked energy and works with the unconscious mind to unlock and integrate past experiences and current stresses to release the blocked energy with immediate effect.

Meaning you are able to walk away from a balance feeling calmer, more grounded and able to think more rationally.

A particularly powerful technique is Emotional Stress Release. This technique focusses on moving energy in the forebrain or frontal lobe - the part of brain that processes emotional expression, problem solving, and judgment. A light touch on this reflex point balances the energy and enables the brain to be creative and think of new solution without being overcome by emotion.

We’re good at adapting, getting used to everyday stress or physical pain and learning to function with it. But don’t be fooled, this stress in quietly chipping away inside and sooner or later our health, be it physical or mental, will show its suffering. Don’t ignore the early symptoms - pain, low mood, discomfort. Invest in a long term preventative approach and enjoy balance and wellbeing.

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