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My story so far...


After graduating I went into restaurant and bar management - great fun but hard work and the 60/70 hour weeks started to take their toll. So I took some time out and did a bit of travelling - trekking around Europe, teaching in Africa and doing a few ski seasons in France. For some reason (still not really sure why!) I decided it was time to come home and get a ‘proper job’!! Cue ten years later, in my mid 30s with a successful and lucrative career in digital design and marketing under my belt. Great job, fab husband, beautiful home, but an increasing feeling of discontent, frustration and a nagging that this just wasn’t quite right.


Present (and recent past)

I’ve always been interested in anything alternative-therapy-ish. So when a work colleague told me about Kinesiology which had done wonders for her migraines, I was intrigued! After one session I was hooked and within six months I was happier, more confident and fitter than I’d ever been before.  More importantly, though, I felt really good about myself. For the first time I could remember I was genuinely comfortable in my own skin and I’d started to recognise, unpick and work through negative experiences and limiting beliefs that had been impacting me since childhood. 

I wanted to help others with their own transformations and decided to train in Kinesiology. My side hustle was born and I began seeing clients, alongside continuing with my full time job. I found my natural style tended to combine new techniques learned in Kinesiology, with traditional coaching techniques I used in my corporate role. I loved cherry picking the best of both and was getting great result with my clients. 

When I left my corporate job to have my first little boy, I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to reshape my work life. I didn’t want to go back to a 9-5 in the office. With a little extra nudge, courtesy of a Covid redundancy, I embarked upon the vision of my own holistic wellness business. 


And here we are. Amy Evans Holistic, combining my passion for wellness and holistic health with knowledge and experience from the corporate world. All inspired and shaped by a deep and authentic appreciation of how hard juggling everything really is. Work, parenting, house renovations, building business and still trying to be an all round good human. 



My current goals include:

Support my kids to become good humans! 

Be present and calm in the midst of motherhood (work in progress!).

Continue to build Amy Evans Holistic and add Feng Shui into the practice.

Practice gratitude, every day, for the incredible life I’m living and congratulate myself for all I’ve achieved so far.

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