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Kinesiology is a non-invasive, hands-on, holistic therapy. Rooted in theories of traditional Chinese medicine, Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to identify and correct any energetic imbalances and blocks within the body. When present, these blocks and imbalances can manifest as physical, emotional or biochemical dis-ease.


Balancing techniques include lymphatic massage, gentle acupressure, sound and colour therapy, emotional coaching and energy healing. Everyone's Kinesiology therapy will be different and entirely tailored to their body and unique needs.

Kinesiology can help with

Emotional stress
Low confidence

Limiting beliefs

Held trauma

Physical pain

Muscular tension

Poor posture

Irregular sleep

Hormone imbalance

We look beyond symptoms to find a the true root cause of energetic imbalance and as such, the practice can beautifully compliment medical treatment in order to achieve overall wellness. 


Kinesiology is a layered therapy. We start with one area of focus and often find there are deeper layers to be pealed back in order to achieve complete balance and wellness. It's an ongoing process but you will see changes and improvements from your first session.  

Train as a practitioner.



90 minutes balancing your meridian, chakra and aura energy systems. Working towards a goal or focus and combining, acupressure, energy healing and vibrational tools depending upon what your body needs. 



30 minutes to provide a taster of muscle testing and the variety of balancing techniques I use. A high level review of you Aura, Chakra and Meridian energy systems and identify priority areas for future work. 



60 minutes when returning within 3 weeks and maintaining the same focus. Assessing energy shifts since your previous session and ensure the balance is maintained to support you with your ongoing goals.  


Body and Home

This home and body package includes a complete Feng Shui home analysis and three Complete Kinesiology balances to create an extensive energy shift and kick-start your transformation. 

Arrange a Discovery Call

A complimentary 20-minute call to discuss how I can support you.

“Just had to message and say thank you for today. I can't explain how much of a monumental energy shift I've felt. Been smiling all afternoon!"

James, Chandlers Ford

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