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Therapy Session

What is Coaching?

  1. Clarify the goal

  2. Acknowledge the now

  3. Understand the challenge

  4. Make a choice

  5. Take action

  6. Reasses

Life coaching is a process of personal empowerment. A coach supports and facilitates you to identify your own goals and determine your own path to achieving them. It's amazing to have big dreams and goals but even for the most driven, it can be hard figuring out how to make a big change all by yourself. A sounding board, fresh set of eyes and simply someone to hold space for you as you formulate your thoughts can be a game changer. 

Through discussion and ideation techniques, a coach with help you establish where you are now, where you're trying to get to and identify any blockers, challenges or skills gaps which may prevent you getting there. Then, with the support of the coach, you can formulate a plan for how you will overcome these gaps and challenges and/or how you might adjust your goal.

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