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Work with me

I am a registered Kinesiologist and certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. 


I take a holistic and personalised approach, blending energy balancing, mindfulness and breath work with traditional coaching tools and neurolinguistic programming. The process is entirely bespoke to you. I work with each of my clients to select techniques and practices that resonate with them to create a tailored toolkit for reaching their personal goals and achieving optimum health. ​

I will support you to design the balanced life that’s right for you. Homemaker, career woman, business owner, incredibly relaxed retiree, whatever your goal. All of them if you want!


I get it, I know it can be hard. And I know that every choice you make seems to bring with it compromise, limiting beliefs and sometimes quite a bit of guilt! But I also know that balance can be achieved, I’ve done it (maybe not quite every day, but enough of the days for it to count!). You can prioritise your own goals, still be there for everyone else who needs you and even get your nails done now and again! And you’ll be a happier and better human for it!

Tools and techniques I use


Kinesiology is a gentle practice, which uses muscle testing to help identify and resolve areas of imbalance in the body. It combines modern, Western techniques, with the ancient Eastern practice of energy medicine. This therapy is hugely beneficial for managing stress, building confidence, clarifying goals and clearing emotional blocks.

Using the Bach Flower Remedies to help direct a coaching conversation. The remedies reveal a narrative of an individuals current emotional state and subconscious behaviours that have lead to this.

Working with the remedies brings forth underlying experiences and influences which would otherwise go ignored, unacknowledged or unknown


One to one conversations, supporting you to identify your goals, realise any obstacles and design realistic action plans to move forward.

We can review all areas of your life or drill down into just one aspect depending on your goals.

It can be difficult to objectively review what's going on in our own lives sometimes. A coach can hold space and guide you through structured techniques to help get a true understanding.


Neuro linguistic programming is the process of understanding how a person makes sense of the world around them and in turn, how they behave.

It enables us to recognise when our own internal filtering systems are resulting in behaviour we do not want and when deep rooted, limiting beliefs impacting us. Most crucially though, NLP techniques enable us to change this process, break none resourceful behaviours and shift limiting beliefs for good.

Perinatal Support


 This is a complete antenatal training course developed by Katherine Graves. The course focusses on letting go of fear, assumptions and preconceptions about pregnancy, labour and birth and replacing them with information and confidence. Shifting the idea that birth is something you ‘do’ and helping you to understand that you can simply let go and allow your body to do what it is designed to. do.

Hypnobirthing is a truly wonderful approach which can be life changing for both you and your baby 


These are a course of wellbeing and mindfulness classes which follow the Beyond Birth Guide, written by Sophie Burch. 

The classes aim to educate, support and guide you from pregnancy into parenting; helping you to nurture your mental and emotional wellbeing during the often challenging times of early parenthood. The easily digestible course covers emotions and anxiety, sleep and self-care, connection and relationship, crying babies and forgiveness.

Arrange a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss how I can support you. 
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