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Transition Coaching

The Goal

Well that depends on you. It might be to transition your mindset from work and career to being a stay at home parent. It might be getting back into work after maternity leave or a longer time away from employment. Or your transition might be one of identity, with so much change we can feel like a different person and a loss of recognition for our life or ourselves can be hugely challenging to deal with.


I will help you figure out your new priorities and goals and what’s next for the super awesome goddess you are (who, by the way, has just created life so really, there’s nothing you can’t do!). We’ll find the little morsels of opportunity for you time, and I’ll guide you, not back to your old self (hate to break it to you but that ship has sailed!), but to the new you. Version 2.0 you. Awesome mom, homemaker, career woman, business owner, whatever your goal. All of them if you want. You, just slightly curvier around the bum and accessorised with the odd sick stain!

The Process

We’ll work together to define where you would like support and design a tailored programme just for you. Your programme can include:


Focussing on physical discomforts, retained emotional trauma and fear, confidence, personal transition or any other source of discomfort you’re experiencing.

Learn more about Kinesiology



Using a variety of techniques combined with NLP and mindfulness, I will help you uncover limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, identify areas of you life which are causing imbalance, define clear and actionable goals and support you to stay on track to achieve them.

Understand my coaching and NLP Methods

The Investment

Together we will tailor your programme and pick and choose from:


  • Single session Coaching or Kinesiology -  £80 per 1.5hour session

  • Three session pack - £225 for 3 x 1.5hour sessions

  • Six session pack - £440 for 3 x 1.5hour sessions

Discover how else I can support you 
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