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Pregnanct woman holding tummy

Pregnancy Wellness

The Goal

Wether you’re trying to conceive or already have your positive test, this is a time to be top of your health game - both physical and mental. I’m not talking about marathon training or drinking green smoothies every day. I’m talking about being nourished, in all senses of the word. Your body and mind is a temple, a temple now inhabited by the ultimate VIP - time to get it spick and span!

The Process

We’ll work together to understand where you would like support and design a tailored programme just for you. Your programme can include:


Focussing on physical discomforts, retained emotional trauma and fear, confidence, personal transition or any other source of discomfort you’re experiencing.

Learn more about Kinesiology



Using a variety of techniques combined with NLP and mindfulness, I can help you uncover limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, identify areas of you life which are causing imbalance, define clear, actionable goals and support you to stay on track to achieve them.

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Before Birth group wellbeing classes

Six mindfulness classes helping to prepare you for the challenges we experience as new parents. The easily digestible course covers emotions and anxiety, sleep and self-care, connection and relationship, crying babies and forgiveness. And so much more. The groups are a safe, supportive and healing space in which you can be honest and receive the support you need.

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The Investment

Together we will tailor your programme and pick and choose from:


  • Private kinesiology or coaching£80 per 1.5 hour session

  • Group Before Birth Classes - £72 for the complete six class course

Or choose one of my support packages

  • Pregnancy wellbeing package - £520 for six private sessions tailored for you, plus the Before Birth course and pregnancy self-care goodie bag.

  • Complete pregnancy and birth preparation package - £870 for six private sessions tailored for you, the Before Birth course, Complete KG Hypnobirthing antenatal course, and pregnancy and birth self-care goodie bag.

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