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A remote balance enables me to identify energetic imbalances within your body without us needing to be in the same place. I will need a sample of your hair and I will use a surrogate to carry out the muscle testing investigation, tuning into the energetic blueprint carried in your hair. 


Firstly I ask that you send a sample of you hair in a clear plastic bag or wrapped in clingfilm. Then we will have a Zoom call during which you can give me an understanding of your current situation and what you hope to get from Kinesiology. 

I will go away to carry out the remote testing and then, within a couple of days, we will come back together on Zoom and I will share everything I found in the muscle testing and give you directions on techniques you can use to balance your energy. 


Once you have purchaced the balance online, you will received a confirmation email containing details of how and where to send your hair sample and a link to book your initial consultation call. 

Remote Kinesiology Balance

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