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A remote mapping, analysis and detailed report outlining your home’s current energetic state. With tailored instructions for the remedies required to balance the energy and enhance all of the Feng Shui areas of your life.


You will receive:

  • A video call with me during which we will discuss your reasons with wanting the analysis and any particular areas of focus or concern in your life.

  • A summary of your home’s compass direction and Feng Shui orientation.

  • The nine Feng Shui Baguas applied to your home.

  • Detailed remedies specific to your home and guidance on how to implement these.

  • Access to online guides with best practice Feng Shui principles for each of the nine areas.

  • Email support from me as you implement the remedies. 

  • Updated remedies list at the next Chinese New Year.


I will need from you:

  • Your full address.

  • Floor plans of your home (to scale).

  • Photos of the front, side and back of your home.

  • Details and dates of any extension or remodelling or roof work done to your home.


The full amount is payable at booking. You will receive an email from me with full details of the information I need and how best to send it. Once I have received all the information required, I aim to send your Home Analysis to you within two weeks. 

Home Analysis

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