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Mother and Baby

Pregnancy and Postnatal Support

I am dedicated to being authentic and honest about all things pregnancy and parenting. So often the narrative that surrounds us is one purely of joy, fulfilment and overwhelming love, albeit within a haze of sleep deprivation! And whilst, yes, if we’re lucky we’ll get a good amount of these things, the truth of it is, most of us will also be dealing with a whole bucket load of less enjoyable emotions. But for some reason, we seem to keep this bit to ourselves, feeling ashamed of it. 


I passionately believe that we must allow ourselves to share real experiences and know it’s okay to admit the whole thing is hard, relentless and let’s just say it - a bit rubbish at times. That does not mean we’re bad parents or we don’t love our kids. We all need to seek and receive support, knowledge and compassion, as we find our way to new lives with our little humans in tow. 


To this end, I’m here to support you and your family through the incredible experience of preparing for and becoming a parent. Together we can get you in your best mental shape, ready for a positive and enjoyable (honestly!) birth. Maintain balance and strength in those crazy first few months. Support you through any particularly challenging times and, when you’re ready, get to the super exciting bit of helping you figure out what’s next for the super awesome goddess you are (who, by the way, has just created life so really, there’s nothing you can’t do!). 

Pregnancy Wellness

Wether you’re trying to conceive or already have your positive test, now’s the time to be top of your physical and mental health. 

Birth Preparation

Hypnobirthing is about letting go of fear and preconceptions and replacing them with knowledge and confidence.

New Parent Support

I can help you regain balance, strength and confidence so you’re able to give your best to yourself and your family.

Arrange a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss how I can support you. 
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