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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an energy balancing therapy. The practice focusses on energy pathways within the body called Meridians. There are 14 of these meridians which flow up and down the body. And the goal of Kinesiology is to balance the energy within each and across all of these meridians.

Each of these meridians are connected, via the nervous systems, to organs and muscles within the body. It’s the understanding of the link between muscles, organs and energy pathways that is the foundation of Kinesiology and the thing that set’s it apart from other therapies.

Because when we understand that there is a connection between these different parts of our body, we can begin to recognise that an issue which might manifest itself in a particular place, muscle pain for example, might not be an issue with the muscle itself, that might not be the root cause. It might actually be related to the organ or energy pathway which that muscle is linked. And because Kinesiology considers the body more holistically, we are able to dig a little deeper and find the root cause and fix that, rather than just treating the symptom.

For example, the quads are linked to the small intestine meridian. So you may have been struggling with tight / painful quads for years. So you have regular massage, do loads of stretching and have daily foam roller sessions but it’s not shifting. It may be that it’s got nothing to do with the quads themselves, and the discomfort there is just a symptom of an issue in the small intestine. Kinesiology enables us to identify that and focus on fixing the root cause which in turn means the whole meridian is rebalanced, and the symptom of pain in the quads goes away.

So that all sounds pretty intriguing, right? But how does the practice actually work?

In Kinesiology we use muscle testing to find out what’s going on in the body. We challenge muscles by asking the client to hold their arms, legs, feet or head is different positions and the strength with which they are able to hold, indicates what’s going on with the energy in the body. We then have a range of techniques we can use to rebalance this energy including massage, acupressure, nutrition and supplements, Bach flower remedies, crystals and talking therapy.

That’s a relative basic overview of how the therapy works. Please comment or send me a message if you have any questions. Head over to the main site to read more and arrange your complimentary discovery call.

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