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Reiki Treatment

Kinesiology in Farnham

I offer Kinesiology face to face and adapt a selection of energy balancing techniques which work brilliantly online. Face to face sessions are held either at my work space at my home in Medstead, Alton, just 20 minutes from Farnham.

Kinesiology can be used to help with a whole range of health problems, from physical pain, muscular tension and poor posture to emotional stress, low confidence and anxiety. Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat medical illness, but it can compliment medical treatment in order to achieve overall wellness.

A tailored approach

I blend traditional coaching and neuro linguistic programming with mindfulness exercises, breath work and kinesiology. Now more than ever it's crucially important that we're looking after our whole selves and ensuring emotional, physical and nutritional health. My practice blends coaching with holistic therapy and together we will cherry pick techniques and practices from coaching, NLP, kinesiology and mindfulness that resonate with you. Creating a tailored toolkit to help you reach your goals and achieve optimum health at the same time.

Arrange a complimentary Discover Call to see how I can support you. 
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