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Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Self-care workshops for Mums

Empowering you to manage your emotional health during early Motherhood. 

A relaxed workshop focused on supporting you during the challenging time of early motherhood. 


As an internationally certified Touch for Health Kinesiologist, perinatal mental health practitioner, holistic life coach and, most importantly, Mum of two very small humans, in this workshop I bring together a multitude of beautiful tools and practices to help you regain balance and strength. 


Workshop includes:

  • Mindfulness exercises focussing on healing and recovery, nurturing and nourishing yourself and personal transformation.

  • Energy balancing tools to release emotional stress, ease physical pain and aid sleep (as much as you can at this stage!).

  • Breathing and grounding techniques to calm yourself and your baby.

  • The opportunity to make friends and share your experience with other Mums (if you want to).


I cannot emphasise enough, how relaxed this workshop is. Bring baby, feed baby, change baby, pace around the room with baby the entire time if you need to. I will be delighted to share these techniques with you, I’ll also be delighted for you to simply be with us and have a quick chat if that’s all you manage. It is my absolute passion to provide an environment where Mums feel safe and supported, everything else is added extra!

Online and in-person workshops (based in Alton, Hampshire) available. Drop me an email to find out about upcoming dates and locations. 

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